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Content management simplified.
Edit in the cloud, publish anywhere.


Focus on your content, not your management system.

Siteleaf is a smart, lightweight platform for creating and maintaining websites. We believe that content management shouldn’t be hard. That you should be able to host your website anywhere you want. That websites should be able to outlive their CMS. That our tools should be simplified, not dumbed down.

Content types


Pages are the main building blocks in Siteleaf. The most basic page has a title and a body, but they can also have unlimited subpages, posts, assets and metadata. Arranging your pages is easy, just drag and drop.


Posts belong to a page. A post could be a blog post, a portfolio item, an event, or anything that makes sense ordered chronologically. Posts are very similar to a Page, however they can have taxonomies and are ordered chronologically by default.


Metadata is pure key/value data attached to a site, page, post, or asset. It provides a way to interact with templates beyond the basic usage of injecting title or body copy. It could be a custom color value, location, an aside, anything. Read more about metadata.


Siteleaf supports the use of tags on posts, but in a way that’s more flexible than most systems. Instead of posts having only one set of tags, they’re capable of having as many tag sets as you’d like—each with its own name. Read more about taxonomies.


Invite your client or team to your site and let them tinker all they want without touching your code. Siteleaf supports various access levels depending on the amount of control you want to grant. Set them as an Admin, Publisher, or Writer. Read more about user roles.




A smart text editor for writing

Whether you prefer writing in Markdown, HTML, or plaintext, we got you covered. Drag and drop an image and we’ll insert its code for you. No more weird formatting because WYSIWYG was more like WTF. Read more about writing in Siteleaf.

Publish anywhere

Your data belongs to you. Manage it in the cloud with Siteleaf and publish to your own web host. With support for FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, GitHub Pages, and Rackspace Cloud Files, your data is archived forever, independent of our service.


Static files

When published, your site lives as static HTML files. This means no database calls or server scripts being executed which means faster load times, increased security, and easier portability for you.

Siteleaf Hosting

All paid Siteleaf plans include a free built-in option for hosting your website. Siteleaf Hosting is powered by a content delivery network (CDN), with edge locations around the world. Your site will serve up lightning fast just about everywhere.

All hosting options include the option to use your own custom domain name (e.g. example.com). Users of Siteleaf Hosting also have the option to use a free Siteleaf subdomain (e.g. yourname.siteleaf.net).

An API for everything else

Your data is fully accessible through our API and gem. Integrate your data into other sites, apps, or anything you want. It’s your data.

Developer friendly

Preview before publishing

After you upload your theme or make changes to your site’s content, you can preview your changes using a Siteleaf preview URL. A perfect staging area.

Develop locally

Prefer your own dev environment? We do, too. Write your templates locally using HTML and Liquid, and preview them with the live content before uploading.

    <title>{{ title }} - {{ site.title }}</title>
      {% for page in site.pages %}
        <a href="{{ page.url }}">{{ page.title }}</a>
      {% endfor %}

    <h1>{{ title }}</h1>
    <div class="page-description">{{ body }}</div>

    {% for post in posts %}
        <h2>{{ post.title }}</h2>
        {{ post.body }}
    {% endfor %}

    <footer>Copyright {{ site.date | date: "%Y" }}</footer>
$ siteleaf config example.com
=> "Site configured with Pow, open `http://example.dev` to test site locally."

$ siteleaf push theme
=> "20 assets uploaded"

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