Footnotes & Highlights

In addition to the Markdown basics, Siteleaf supports some advanced syntax to make formatting your content easier. Here is a sentence showing off a highlight and also a footnote1.

Footnotes are great for citing and referencing sources, or for expanding on ideas. They are created like this:

A cool sentence[^1].

[^1]: A cool footnote.

And rendered like this:

<p>A cool sentence<sup id="fnref1">
    <a href="#fn1" rel="footnote">1</a>
<div class="footnotes">
        <li id="fn1">
            <p>A cool footnote. <a href="#fnref1" rev="footnote"></a></p>

Highlighting is useful when you’d like to direct the readers attention somewhere specific. To use it, wrap a phrase in ==double equal signs==. Highlights simply get wrapped in <mark> tags. And remember, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

  1. This is a footnote in Siteleaf!