Open source superpowers

Compatible with a larger ecosystem

Siteleaf v2 brings full compatibility with Jekyll, the same open source technology GitHub uses to power over a million websites [1][2]. Enjoy the benefits of a large open source community, along with the accessibility of the Siteleaf interface you’ve come to love. Use any off-the-shelf Jekyll theme, or take your Siteleaf theme with you.

Data portability

Now with Jekyll, your entire site’s source code and content are portable, not just the compiled HTML. Move sites into and out of Siteleaf easily. Even compile it yourself without using Siteleaf. You’ll never be locked into a CMS again.

Import from v1, WordPress, and more

Export your existing v1 site content to v2-ready Jekyll format using the Siteleaf gem. You can also import from WordPress, Tumblr, Ghost, Drupal, and more using the community-supported Jekyll importers.

GitHub integration

Theme sync

No more manually pushing and pulling your theme changes using the command line. Siteleaf will automatically sync theme changes directly with GitHub, with no need to install a Siteleaf gem.

Time machine for your content

No more accidental overwrites or deletes. Every edit you (or other authors) make in Siteleaf is synced to GitHub, including content and theme changes. See a log of edits, who made them, and revert back to any state with the Git tools you already use.

Customized content

Advanced metadata

Metadata now supports nested lists and objects, plus a shiny new interface that supports drag and drop ordering and Jekyll defaults. Fields are a lot smarter too, presenting user friendly controls for files, dates, booleans and more. Simple, but powerful!

More than just pages and posts

Now in addition to pages and posts, you can create custom sets of content (called Collections), each with their own entries (called Documents). Choose to output your documents just like posts, or simply use them as super-metadata within your theme.

Customize the way your site is generated. Choose date-based permalinks (/2015/10/20/hello-world), pretty permalinks (/posts/hello-world), or whatever suits your needs.

Optimized workflow

Offline development

Sync your Siteleaf content to local Markdown files and develop your site completely offline. Work faster, even without an internet connection.

Free for developers

While we’ve always had free accounts for developers, publishing was reservedfor paid accounts only. We’re now making it possible to publish to GitHub Pages, totally free for developers and open source projects.

Built-in preprocessors

Siteleaf now includes built-in support for compiling Sass, SCSS, and CoffeeScript, thanks to the power of Jekyll.

And everything you already love

A smart Markdown editor

Siteleaf’s Markdown editor lets you focus on writing, with simple controls to help out only if you need it. Drag and drop an image and we’ll insert itscode. Even drop an entire text file. We’ll take care of the details.


Collaboration is still easy, using the same Siteleaf interface your client or team is familiar with. Let them tinker all they want, without touching a single line of code. Siteleaf supports different user roles, like Admin, Publisher, and Writer.

Publish fast, secure sites anywhere

Siteleaf generates static files when you publish, which means your site is fast, secure, and doesn’t rely on a database or complicated server setup. Publish to FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, GitHub Pages, and Rackspace Cloud Files.

An API for your content

Siteleaf provides a JSON API for interacting with all of your Jekyll content. Integrate it into other sites, apps, or anything you want. It’s your data.

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