Improvements to page and post management

This post refers to a legacy version of Siteleaf.

Improvements to page and post management

If you’re a heavy Siteleaf user, you might notice a few tweaks here and there that we recently introduced.

Improved page menu


The first thing you might notice is a redesigned page menu in the sidebar. After building large sites with Siteleaf, we realized the original design didn’t accommodate subpages and posts as well as it could. Now, it’s a lot easier to dive into and sort multiple levels of subpages while still keeping things looking clean.

Quickly search and browse posts

Another new thing we’ve introduced is the posts sidebar. Now you can dive straight into a page’s posts by clicking the posts icon posts-icon next to the page link in the sidebar, or by clicking the “other posts” link on the post itself. From the posts sidebar you can now search and filter the posts list by title.