Advanced Liquid: Where

This post refers to a legacy version of Siteleaf.

Advanced Liquid: Where

Now that you are sorting like a pro, we’ll move on to another new and exciting Liquid filter: where.

Where allows us to find content based on a parameter. If you are coming from Jekyll, you’ll be happy to know it follows the same syntax.

For example, here’s how we could find all pages titled “Foo”:

{% assign foo_pages = site.pages | where:"title","Foo" %}

As with sort, you can use any property like date, title, slug, even metadata and taxonomy. Below are few real-world examples you might find useful.

Show posts by author

So I just created a fancy new bio page for myself, and now I want to display posts I’ve written alongside my bio.

fancy bio page

To locate posts written by a specific author across the entire site, we can start with site.posts. Then we can apply the where filter with author as a parameter:

{% assign my_posts = site.posts | where:"author","Skylar Challand" %}

You can also use nested properties such as

{% assign my_posts = site.posts | where:"","" %}

Now we can display our matching posts using the my_posts variable we just created:

  {% for post in my_posts %}
  <li><a href="{{post.url}}">{{post.title}}</a></li>
  {% endfor %}

Don’t repeat yourself: Since the title on my bio page matches the author name (“Skylar Challand”), we could use title as a variable and make our theme code reusable:

{% assign my_posts = site.posts | where:"author",title %}

In the previous tutorial we showed you how to use metadata to create “sticky” posts.

Using the same metadata, we could grab all posts with this flag:

{% assign sticky_posts = site.posts | where:"meta.sticky","yes" %}

The same could be applied to any metadata. For example, we could find all posts with a color of “Red”:

{% assign red_posts = site.pages | where:"meta.color","Red" %}

Or posts with a particular tag:

{% assign tagged_posts = site.posts | where:"taxonomy.tags","whiskey" %}

Mm whiskey.

Filter by year

You can also filter content by date parts including year, month, and day.

Here’s how we could get all posts published this year:

{% assign latest_posts = site.posts | where:"year","2015" %}

Again we could take this a step further and use a variable in place of year:

{% assign this_year = | date:"%Y" %}
{% assign new_posts = site.posts | where:"year",this_year %}

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