Antfood is a creative audio studio with offices in Brooklyn, Amsterdam, and São Paulo.

We are all about Antfood’s website, which is built with Siteleaf. In particular, their loading animations inject a touch of humor to the site, which transforms a potentially boring wait into a moment of joy. This playful style translates directly into their work.

It’s one of the only portfolios where exploring and finding hidden gems feels like an exciting quest and a considered part of the user journey, rather than an afterthought. This thoughtfulness is perhaps unsurprising as the site was designed by XXIX, who make amazing treats for the internet.

We chatted with Wilson Brown, ECD and Partner at Antfood, about curiosity, collaboration, and the year ahead.

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Summer of Siteleaf

Summer is the time for sun, sea, and Siteleaf. No, really.

Lots of festivals use Siteleaf to manage their sites. Siteleaf makes it easy for content creators to update static sites while still optimizing for site speed. Here are a few of our favorites.

Image of two women wearing backpacks climbing stairs at a festival

Outside Lands

With sets from Janet Jackson, The Weekend, DJ Snake, Chvrches, Janelle Monáe, Carley Rae Jepson, and fifty more artists you can be sure that there’s something for you.

Outside Lands is a festival that takes it’s food as seriously as it’s beats. Featuring goodies from the top talent in the Bay Area including truffled grilled cheeses, arepas, Taiwanese snow cones, and liquid chocolate bars. We’re not even sure what a liquid chocolate bar is, but you can bet we want to try one.

They still have tickets available for the weekend, including VIP passes if you’re feeling fancy.

Image of white male singer holding a mic and addressing crowd

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New sites in Siteleaf's gallery

We’re probably a little biased, but we think the best sites use Siteleaf. Some of our favorites include Wade Jeffree, Girls’ Night In, and Upperquad. This week we added nine new sites to our gallery.

Capitol Cider House

Screenshot of Capitol Cider House website

Capitol Cider House is a new bar in Washington DC dedicated to showcasing cider producers within 200 miles of the Capitol building. They’ve even got a dog-friendly outside area.

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Sites we love

Sites we love

At Siteleaf, nothing makes us happier than seeing our customers build amazing websites. We proudly showcase these in our ever-growing Gallery for inspiration.

Some of our recent favorites include:

STET - a writers’ journal on culture and technology featuring multiple authors and beautifully art directed posts, from the folks at Editorially. While you’re there, make sure to read Why markup (and Markdown) matter.

Nearly Impossible - a conference for people who “make and sell physical products”, hosted in New York City this November. This very possible website pairs nicely with Tito for ticket sales.

Jessica Harllee - this Brooklyn-based designer showcases her work at Kickstarter and beyond with a portfolio and blog powered by Siteleaf. Make sure to check out the excellent blog post about her redesign with Siteleaf.

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