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The Siteleaf Community now has a new home on GitHub Discussions where you can get help, vote on new features, and share what you’re working on!

To get started we created topics for:

GitHub Discussions will replace our existing Slack community, and we look forward to building a more open, accessible, and searchable archive for questions that pop up often.

We also hope to offer a greater level of transparency by opening up our roadmap and allowing the community to vote on new features.

Most helpful

We’ll be rewarding the most helpful community members with exclusive perks:

Screenshot of GitHub Discussions showing most helpful community members

GitHub will automatically recognize community members who contribute the most comments marked as answers within the past 30 days in the Community Support section. If you see your name in the leaderboard, we’ll be in touch to give you some exclusive perks as a thank you.

Join us at:

Introducing Siteleaf VIP: our affiliate program

Today we are officially launching our much requested affiliate program: Siteleaf VIP

We know a lot of our customers use Siteleaf with clients (and enjoy referring friends and colleagues), so we’re excited to say thanks and give back!

For every new user who signs up with your unique VIP link, you’ll earn a 30% commission for any paid sites they create. Depending on the plan chosen, you could earn over $1,000/year for a single referral — which recurs for as long as the site is active. For freelancers, this is a nice way to add a little recurring revenue to your income.

How it works

Sign up to create a unique referral link, and share this with your clients and colleagues. Feel free to add this link to your website footer and share it on social media. It looks something like this:

You can link to any page on by adding ?via=yourname to the end of the URL.

All you need to get started is a PayPal account, and you can keep track of your leads and conversions using the VIP dashboard at:

Thanks for using Siteleaf and continuing to spread the word!

New sites in our gallery

We’re biased, but we think the best sites use Siteleaf. Some of our favorites include Antfood, Capitol Cider House, and The Creative Independent. This week we added five new sites to our gallery.

Super Brewing Co.

Screenshot of Super Brewing Co.'s website

Super Brewing Co. is an independent nano-brewery based in Oregon, who specialize making super beer. Their site is full of lovely design details & moments of joy.

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Summer of Siteleaf

Summer is the time for sun, sea, and Siteleaf. No, really.

Lots of festivals use Siteleaf to manage their sites. Siteleaf makes it easy for content creators to update static sites while still optimizing for site speed. Here are a few of our favorites.

Image of two women wearing backpacks climbing stairs at a festival

Outside Lands

With sets from Janet Jackson, The Weekend, DJ Snake, Chvrches, Janelle Monáe, Carley Rae Jepson, and fifty more artists you can be sure that there’s something for you.

Outside Lands is a festival that takes it’s food as seriously as it’s beats. Featuring goodies from the top talent in the Bay Area including truffled grilled cheeses, arepas, Taiwanese snow cones, and liquid chocolate bars. We’re not even sure what a liquid chocolate bar is, but you can bet we want to try one.

They still have tickets available for the weekend, including VIP passes if you’re feeling fancy.

Image of white male singer holding a mic and addressing crowd

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New sites in Siteleaf's gallery

We’re probably a little biased, but we think the best sites use Siteleaf. Some of our favorites include Wade Jeffree, Girls’ Night In, and Upperquad. This week we added nine new sites to our gallery.

Capitol Cider House

Screenshot of Capitol Cider House website

Capitol Cider House is a new bar in Washington DC dedicated to showcasing cider producers within 200 miles of the Capitol building. They’ve even got a dog-friendly outside area.

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Holiday gifts #builtwithsiteleaf

At Siteleaf we are really behind on our Holiday shopping, so we turned to websites that use Siteleaf for some holiday inspiration and they delivered.

Here are a few things that we would love to wake up and find under the tree:


Girl’s Night In have a selection of goodies for any homebody on your list. We love their going home after this keychain, because it lets everyone know exactly where you would rather be for just $15.

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See you at GitHub Universe

Next week the Siteleaf team is heading west for the GitHub Universe conference, October 11th and 12th in San Francisco.

If you are attending the conference or in the nearby area, hit us up! We’d love to meet up and chat with as many Siteleaf users as possible.

A few talks we’re excited to see at GitHub Universe:

  • Real-time collaborative editing: the science behind the magic
  • Caring for your fellow developers
  • Tools as a catalyst for culture change
  • Accessibility: it’s more than just screen readers
  • Balancing identity & privacy: building tools to help users

As a proud sponsor of the conference, we’re excited to offer 15% discount on tickets. Use the promo code COMMUNITYU1715 and come hang with us!

Stickers now available


Siteleaf stickers are now available from Sticker Mule!

Make your laptop happy and pick one up today. Available at cost with free shipping in quantities of 1-1000 (in case you have a lot of friends).

We also have a number of stickers available for FREE, let us know if you want one!

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Built on Siteleaf: Made by Eno

Built on Siteleaf: Made by Eno

We always love hearing the experiences of others who have built their site with Siteleaf. Jessica Harllee, Siteleaf Hackday MVP and all around cool person, was nice enough to write about how she used Siteleaf to rebuild Erin Nolan’s personal site. Some great takeaways from her post include how she used Siteleaf metadata fields on posts and assets to achieve a unique color palette for each page and to control how images were displayed throughout the layout.

On the blog, some posts are more text-heavy whereas sometimes Erin wants a glorious image header. To make it flexible, we look for an asset with the [meta field] type of hero and display that image above the post excerpt. If there’s no hero image, then the post text displays as normal.

Read Jessica’s post over on her site.

Moving to Siteleaf

Forget the CMS headaches of yesteryear, moving your website to Siteleaf is surprisingly easy. Since Siteleaf publishes to static files, it’s also a great way to speed up your site, reduce server costs, and have a permanent archive of your site. Bring your content with you using a simple JSON import script powered by the Siteleaf API (also available for Jekyll).

Here are four people who’ve recently made the move, and how they got here:

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